Crop Planning:
Variety selection, greenhouse tools and preparation of growers and their appropriate Tasks including: Harvest forecasting, crop rotation planning.  Media and Specific Cultivation preparation and decision making. Propagation.

Crop Management:
Irrigation – System design, Water strategies, Quantities and timing, EC, pH, and Fertilization Nutrient Analysis – Sampling and understanding proper nutritional requirements within all plant stages for optimal uptake and Balance. 

Optimise Temperature, Humidity, Light Integration, Curtain control, Ventilation, Utilize Heating, Cooling and air exchange for efficiency and crop needs.

Integrated Pest Management – Scouting for Pests, use of Biological control systems, Naturalight Pesticide usage, Creating resistant plants achieved by utilizing proper cultural and environmental controls and practices

Harvest Techniques, Drying machines and environmental conditions

Research and Development:
New Varieties, Tissue Culture, Breeding trials

Management, Grower and Team Consultation:
Increase knowledge for Key Employees and Company Standards, SOP’s, Good Agricultural Practices, Food Safety and Compliance.

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